Diana Morales

Show of hands, who wants ‘moar’ of Diana Morales? I certainly do. The last time we saw this Spanish sensation was over a year ago. The time that passed saw the emergence of several galleries from this beauty. We’re truly sorry for not updating on […]

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Ariadne Artiles

Heavy Spanish artillery returns fire after a long silence with Ariadne Artiles. Born in the Canary Islands so she’s holding a Spanish passport, Ariadne also has Venezuelan heritage added for good measure. She’s a fashion model who looks to keep things professional. We’ll never hear […]

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Sara Salamo

Here’s to hoping that your week went right, that your fantasy football team won and that you had a great time grinding it out for that past few days. To cap off your adventure, let us entertain you with this glorious Sara Salamo gallery. The […]

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Raquel Balencia

Beirut, Lebanon must be the last place you’d expect to find the next Top International Model, but that’s where Raquel Balencia got her start. The Spanish siren was born in San Sebastian who started working as a model in her early teens. But her international […]

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Lourdes Homedes

Saintly Spanish beauty Lourdes Homedes cures your midweek blues that are no doubt creeping in. She’s a fashion model who has extensive experience with various products and events. Those include projects for Adidas and even the MotoGP. That’s a good idea for the organizers of […]

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Cristina Capella

You’ve probably seen her in some magazine, catalog or advertisement and wondered, who is this babe? The short answer is Cristina Capella. What I can gather is that she’s Spanish and that she’s a professional model under multiple agencies. Once again, she is another case […]

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Isabel Canete

Here to make us fly and cure our mid-week blues is the Spanish sensation Isabel Canete. She’s another proof that you don’t need to finish first to make a name for yourself. The powers that be for the 2007 Elite Model Look Spain and Supermodelo […]

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Anabel Armario

Coke and Burger King aren’t exactly the brands you’d come up with when you think about supermodel endorsements. But Anabel Armario represented those brands well, along with other products that are more inclined with her stature. The Spanish sensation was once selected as Miss Maxim […]

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Penelope Cruz

Could she be the next Bond Girl in a yet unnamed 007 flick? The gossip sites are abuzz with reports that Penelope Cruz could be the next sexpot opposite our favorite spy. If that’s the case, the Spanish hottie would be the oldest Bond Girl […]

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Nerea Arce

This Spanish seƱorita is sure to make you fly. Nerea Arce is from the Basque Country of Barakaldo who’s currently signed for Mega Model Agency. Most of the famous people from her city are either footballers or politicians, so it’s a welcome sight to see […]

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