Kate Upton

Gravity isn’t really kind to babes like Kate Upton. The reason is quite obvious. As Chivers would often say, Kate and her big-bosom sisters will have FLBP: Future Lower Back Problems. So for her recent shoot for Sports Illustrated, the geniuses tried the Zero-G jet […]

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Kim Cloutier

To be selected and given a chance to work for top fashion companies like Victoria’s Secret and L’Oreal is never an easy thing, but for this French-Canadian model, it was just a piece of cake. She was even offered to pose for SI’s Swimsuit Issue […]

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Irina Sheik

No matter how you slice it, Cristiano Ronaldo is one lucky dude. He’s got the skills to play in one of Europe’s top football clubs, the Spanish La Liga and he has the love of one of the prettiest models in existence today. Irina Sheik […]

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Michelle Oosthuizen

Our mothers are usually our first teachers and for Michelle Oosthuizen, her mom’s a real guru. She told Michelle to be humble no matter what and everything will be alright. Just as her mom predicted, it turned quite well for Michelle when she won Ford’s […]

Juliana Martins

When Juliana was 15, she followed her dream of traveling the world and she did just that. She has been in Switzerland, Canada and France. Juliana joined the Elite Model Look contest in 1997 and even though she ended just a finalist, it seems like […]

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Melissa Satta

Melissa definitely knows how to make love with the camera. She is a mixture of American and Italian. She spent her youth in Sardinia but she made her way to fame when she starred as a showgirl in the series Striscia la Notizia. Since then, […]

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Jarah Mariano

Jarah Mariano was born in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. A combination of three beautiful races – Chinese, Korean, and Hawaiian – Jarah is a stand out at first glance. She started modeling when she was 15. Right after high school graduation, she moved to […]

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Shane van der Westhuizen

Another walking work of art from South Africa is Shane van der Westhuizen. She was discovered in Durban while she was 15 and what a discovery she really was. Many investors see dollar signs when South Africa is mentioned. Of course, the country has vast […]

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Esti Ginzburg

Esti Ginzburg was born in Israel. Her first try at modeling happened at the age of 8. Since then, she has taken modeling into a whole new level and stormed the world of glitz and glamor with her stunning physique and good wit. Posing from […]

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Valeria Mazza

Helping yourself while helping others is not impossible. Valeria Mazza managed to become a good student of therapy for the disabled while pursuing a modeling career. She was successful in both and life has been all good for Valeria. Her move to New York proved […]

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