Behati Prinsloo

One of the few people that’s gorgeous enough to have the honor of being immortalized on a skateboard deck is Behati Prinsloo, thanks to Ben Watts. But don’t expect her to be grinding the asphalt soon because she’s not very fond of riding. Just as […]

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Mylene Jampanoi

She may just be the poster child for the term ‘global village.’ Supermodel Mylene Jampanoi is from Chinese and French parents. She married an Indian dude but divorced him a few years after. This means that she may be available now. Ever wonder what nationality […]

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Simone Villas Boas

The clamor for the return of Simone Villas Boas in the limelight is going strong. She may not be in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or any similar events, but that’s no reason to think lowly of her. The latest gallery featuring Simone in constricting […]

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Catrinel Menghia

Now that the Super Bowl dust has cleared, and the Giants have been victorious, people will no doubt search for the babes involved in the commercials. One of those is Catrinel Menghia, the smoldering-hot lass in the Fiat Abarth commercial. We’ve featured her before and […]

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Katarina Ivanovska

Last time we saw Katarina Ivanovska, she was the lone Macedonian model in our roster of super gorgeous girls. It’s almost three years later and she’s still the only babe from that part of the world to be featured in our sites. That’s alright though, […]

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Candice Swanepoel

The name may be familiar but there’s nothing ordinary about Candice Swanepoel. You can gather all the adjectives for ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’, but it may not be enough for a proper description about this angel. If you don’t agree, then the doorman will be waiting […]

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Flavia Lucini

So you’ve stuffed your face full of turkey and sweet potatoes? Time for some dessert. A little wine perhaps? Served by Flavia Lucini, I’m positive that you won’t pass. How can you, when she’s wearing something that looks good enough to eat? Even if you […]

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Alyssa Miller

Another brand name for lingerie we’re all-too-familiar with is Intimissimi. Apart from Victoria’s Secret, the company is really flexing their muscles as they release several galleries featuring different models in their unmentionables. Just like Alyssa Miller here, who we last saw back in February, posing […]

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Irina Shayk

Time to shake off those weekend cobwebs with our favorite cover girl at the moment, Irina Shayk. Go get your favorite hangover cure, your hydration pack and these photos of Irina to really get your blood going for this brand-new week. We’ve seen her plenty […]

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Esti Ginzburg

Israeli model Esti Ginzburg has long put her assault rifle down in favor of her lipstick and makeup brush. But if the need arises, she’s still willing to fight. War is hell but some people love the smell of the smoke from the Tavor. But […]

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