Natalia Vodianova

Gearing up for spring already? It’s never too deep in the winter to do so. And we’ll help you pass through these gloomy days with Russian hottie Natalia Vodianova. This babe has been on several continents already, plying her wares and displaying her natural gifts. […]

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Charlott Cordes

Striking some beautiful chords into your heartstrings is the German hottie Charlott Cordes. Don’t worry about auto-correcting the spelling of her first name – it’s spelled like that. She won the 2003 German Elite Model Look contest with another model who could be as hot […]

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Magdalena Wrobel

Staying active during these cold months is really a challenge. Models will have to double their exercise regiment or eat a lot less to keep their figure. Magdalena Wrobel is no exception and she feels that winter is the best time to get lean. This […]

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Bipasha Basu

It would be such a waste if Bipasha Basu became a doctor. I only say that because she’ll be wearing a mask half the time, depriving the world of such beauty. But if she did become a doctor, then it’s a real possibility that there […]

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Irina Sheik

Unless she blows up like a balloon, gets pregnant or has another controversy of GQ proportions, these may be the first of many photoshoots for Irina Sheik / Irina Shayk for this year. She’s actually quite tame in her shots for Ory Swimwear. There’s very […]

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Julie-Marie Geyskens

When a woman changes her name, it usually involves a restraining order of some sorts. Or she could just have been tired of her previous look, that’s why her name has to go too. We’re not entirely sure how Loryn van Wyk went on to […]

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Lais Navarro

In the Philippines, there’s a superstition being followed before the clock strikes 12 midnight on December 31 . People wear polka-dotted clothing for good luck and for prosperity. So in keeping with that belief, we’re bringing a couple of chicks wearing such outfits, starting with […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Jessica Hart

She’s a dentist’s dream patient and maybe David Letterman’s favorite supermodel. Aussie supermodel Jessica Hart has a famous gap-toothed smile that leave people perplexed and astounded. They’re probably wondering why she doesn’t get her pearly whites fixed, with all the loads of money she’s getting […]

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Nelleke Verkaart

Aaaar me mateys! Give your best pirate’s welcome to our Dutch muse Nelleke Verkaart. We’ve searched high and low, all across the seven seas and even Davy Jones’ locker to find a name more suitable for a pirate. None but Nelleke qualifies. Better get those […]

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Gabriella Holsten

Now’s probably not the most ideal time to visit Norway. Unless of course you want to freeze your brains out, then go ahead. Summer’s a good bet since you’ll at least see babes as lovely as Gabriella Holsten with a little less clothing. But for […]

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Out of Aces Wealthy Wheels

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