Katsia Damankova

Kids, let this be a lesson to all of you – if you do your assignments, something good could happen. Katsia Damankova was in a cafe, diligently figuring out her homework when an agent spotted her. Things went her way and she won Ford’s Supermodel […]

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Madalina Diana Ghenea

When old friends suddenly show up we least expect it, it’s always a memorable experience. And seeing Madalina Diana Ghenea once more is like finding a long, lost buddy that our lives instantly feel better. So why don’t you welcome her back to our humble […]

Maria Gregersen

Will you ever doubt the gender of Maria Gregersen? I only say this because in 2006, she was selected as Lacoste’s model for their commercial entitled ‘She’s A Lady’. The Danish model dispels all the myths about modeling. They’re not all prima donnas – most […]

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Ana Lisboa

She’s not from Portugal but she speaks Portuguese rather well. Ana Lisboa is our latest Brazilian beauty to spice up your mid-week. A contest from a TV show placed Ana in the radars of talent scouts and things just fell into the proper place for […]

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Irina Sheik

No matter how you slice it, Cristiano Ronaldo is one lucky dude. He’s got the skills to play in one of Europe’s top football clubs, the Spanish La Liga and he has the love of one of the prettiest models in existence today. Irina Sheik […]

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Megan Gale

When a woman is asked by her country to be the patriotic symbol of beauty from one continent to another, then she must really be a looker. And that’s actually the case for Megan Gale. She was asked by her government to become ‘the face […]

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Bar Refaeli

Show me a man who doesn’t like seeing Bar Refaeli in lingerie and I’ll show you a liar. Our favorite Israeli model is back once more with the latest photos for her Bonita de Mas magazine shoot. There’s not much else written about her so […]

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Kenza Fourati

We’ve featured babes from all across the world but we haven’t delved into each country yet. It seems like a good exercise to scour each one for the best babes they have to offer. And as far as countries go, Tunisia hasn’t been on top […]

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Kim Engelbosch

What’s the essence of a woman? We can never truly understand that but it’s been said that a woman really realizes her womanhood the minute she conceives another human being inside her. Belgian model Kim Engelbosch even documented the whole thing, when she got pregnant. […]

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Brooklyn Decker

All hands on deck whenever supermodel Brooklyn Decker is featured on a gallery. Her latest shoot for Bare Necessities Lingerie only reminds us of how lucky Andy Roddick really is. He might not be the world’s top-ranked tennis player but he’s always a winner, every […]

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