Flavia Lucini

Whether you prefer Lucini to Luccini or vice versa, Flavia will still be luscious. This Brazilian model has seen action for several top designers and even had a campaign for Levi Strauss’ Warhol collection. But we’re not here to see Flavia in denims. Her latest […]

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Alexandria Mills

The best things in life are worth waiting for, believing in and just never letting go of. Those are not my words but are of Alexandria Mills, the 2010 Miss World. It’s been 20 long years since a representative from the USA won that crown […]

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Silvia Giurca

Looking forward to the weekend already? We are too, so here’s a little something to get you going. The lovely Silvia Giurca is a Romanian model based in New York. Unlike other prototypical models though, Silvia has the curvatures to fill a bikini properly. Now […]

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Lily Aldridge

You really have to give mad props to Victoria’s Secret. Not only can they pick the prettiest ladies, they get them to pose really sexily too. Their newest ‘Bombshell’ is Lily Aldridge. This spicy beauty wishes to become a guest judge on Top Chef. It’s […]

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Sofija Milosevic

Serbia’s next supermodel is undoubtedly Sofija Milosevic. We can safely assume that as a fact, since there isn’t that many models coming out of the former Yugoslavia. But there are definitely more beauties from where Sofija came from. We just haven’t seen them yet, so […]

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Lena Gercke

Isn’t it ironic that the winner for one country’s search for the Next Top Model doesn’t always become, well, a top model? Most of them do have contracts for select fashion houses and runway shows but others don’t really reach their full potentials as models. […]

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Candice Swanepoel

South African sweetheart Candice Swanepoel is on a roll. Within a span of a couple of weeks, she has been featured in several galleries all over the Interwebs. Not that we’re complaining, we’re absolutely thankful! It’s like eating a fine cheesecake – you know it’s […]

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Made Mansion Frat Fury

Sylvia Geersen

Here once more to tweak your gears is Dutch supermodel Sylvia Geersen. The Netherlands must be filled to the brim with hot females since they only gave second place to Sylvia when they searched for their Next Top Model. It’s alright though, as long as […]

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Monika Pietresinska

Attracting us like a metal to a magnet is this beautiful Euro babe Monika Pietresinska. She’s the cover of CKM magazine of Poland for October 2010 and it’s a pity that we only knew about her now. Unfortunately, very little has been written about her […]

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Michelle Oosthuizen

Our mothers are usually our first teachers and for Michelle Oosthuizen, her mom’s a real guru. She told Michelle to be humble no matter what and everything will be alright. Just as her mom predicted, it turned quite well for Michelle when she won Ford’s […]

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