Estefania Luyk

Look at what we’ve got for you to get you out of this start-of-the-week funk. Estefania Luyk is a top-tier model from Madrid, Spain who started in the business in her early teens. She did what every supermodel has done before her – like going […]

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Diana Morales

She could sell me a house with no roof or even indoor plumbing and I’d buy it, if I had the money of course. I’m referring to Diana Morales the model, not the real estate agent that keeps popping up when I use the interwebs […]

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Elle MacPherson

Elle MacPherson is a stunning blonde beauty with sparkling eyes. She is known for her cover appearances on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue five times. Elle got into acting when she debuted in the movie “Sirens” followed by Alice, Batman & Robin, The Edge and The […]

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Nathalie Edenburg

Missed those lovely ladies from our favorite goldmine? Okay, here’s your Brazilian fix for the weekend. Supermodel Nathalie Edenburg was just attending a magazine party in Sao Paolo. Little did she know that her face would be on a magazine someday. Of course, with a […]

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Catherine McNeil

Female models have to start at an early age if they want their modeling careers to take off and flourish. Aussie Catherine McNeil took the same road and began wowing the crowd when she was just 14. And things just went on the up and […]

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Leticia Wiermann

Her last name might not sound like it but Leticia Wiermann is Brazilian. Her bloodline could be from somewhere else but one thing’s for sure – her ancestors were top-notch. She’s a professional fashion model with a taste for movies. And not just movies, they’re […]

Natalia Andrade

You know it’s a good thing when people notice that on several angles, you may look like Angelina Jolie, Yasmin Ghauri or even Ines Sastre. Those girls are what beauty is all about, and Natalia Andrade is beauty like that, and more. The Brazilian supermodel […]

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Ivana Saccani

Once again, we have a lady with more photos than printed facts. That’s certainly not a bad thing, considering Ivana Saccani’s pics are better than two or three shots of espresso in waking your slumbering loins. Perfect preparation for an awesome weekend so enjoy!

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Heidi Johnsen

No, you’re not reading a mistype there. That’s the real spelling of Heidi Johnsen’s name. She’s from Norway so her last name is spelled differently from what you and I are used to. She was a finalist for the Norwegian Supermodel of the World in […]

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Bridget Hall

Check out Miss Hottie Bridget Hall. She started modeling when she was just 10 years old and by the time she was 18, she was included in Forbes as one of the 10 best and most profitable super models. She has emerged in several well-known […]

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