Sandrah Hellberg

Get a little piece of heaven while seeing angelic faces and cosmological bodies like Sandrah Hellberg. The Swedish fashion model was born in Stockholm but has been involved in many different agencies from several continents. Naturally, she was a favorite among Scandinavian publications and proof […]

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Malena Costa

Spain is sadly in a recession right now and we are one with the world in hoping that the country gets out of that rut. We hate seeing anybody in trouble, especially the citizens of a country that gave babes like Malena Costa right here.

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Georgia Karabinis

If you don’t know who Georgia Karabinis is, I bet after looking at her incredibly hot body and stunning beauty, you would want to know anything about this hottie. Georgia joined the 2009 Miss Universe Sweden pageant and ended as one of the finalists. She […]

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Elita Lofblad

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but I’m pretty sure that after browsing through this hottie’s gallery, you’ll find yourself rushing to book a flight to Sweden. I’m talking about this blonde bombshell named Elita Lofblad. She has been featured in […]

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Amaya Miu

Talking about upcoming models and fresh faces, how can we forget about Amaya Miu? Having such a charming and cute face, it’s no wonder why she has already invaded the import modeling world in just a short span of time. She’s one of the girls […]

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Petra Silander

Ever wondered what Swedish women wear inside those thick parkas in the coldest and darkest of days? Something tells me that they like to heat things up a bit. Look at Petra Silander right here. She’s the current spokesperson for Palmers lingerie, and judging by […]

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Helena Mattsson

One country that I’d like to visit at least once in my life, apart from Brazil, is Sweden. For obvious reasons of course, I’d like to investigate why is there an abundance of extremely beautiful women from both nations. On one hand, we have the […]

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Amanda Paige

If you’re a family-oriented guy, then you got a chance with this sizzling-hot blonde, Amanda Paige. Aside from being a Playmate of the Month for October 2005 issue, she also graced the cover of Playboy’s September 2007 issue. With her mixed beauty of Swedish, English […]

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Johanna Lundback

Johanna Lundback She may have just been 4th place in Sweden’s search for their candidate for the Miss Universe pageant in 2009 but for us here, she’s number 1. Johanna Lundback is an unbelievably sexy model from Kalix, Sweden. Her hometown means ‘cold river’ in […]

Camilla Sjoberg

Sweden has certainly given a lot of things to beautify the world. Think of IKEA, Volvo, and all the beautiful women that the country has produced and you’d really be thankful for that Scandinavian nation. Camilla Sjoberg is just one of those beauties. She’s been […]

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