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Tateossian Compass Cuff Links

The last thing you expect when you’re dressed to the nines is you losing your sense of direction. Picture this: You’re on your way to a banquet thrown in your honor because of your groundbreaking research on hangover-free whiskey. Or something to that effect. You go for the tux and cap it off with some cuff links. But on your way to the event, your car breaks down in some unfamiliar back road and all your electronic gizmos fail. Hey, we’re not being cynical here but it can happen. If you wore the Compass Cuff Links from Tateossian London, you can at least get your bearings straight. That’s because these are not just decorative accessories but fully functional compasses. Beautiful to behold, the links have a polished finish with a truly legible face on the compass. Just center the bubble and you can properly orient yourself to the Earth’s magnetic north. Nobody can really say why you’d need a compass for a random reason but at least you have a pair with you. And because it’s a pair, the likelihood of discrepancy becomes extremely small. $225.

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