TDK Trek MAX A34 Wireless Speaker

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Amazon can definitely fulfill your need for wireless speaker wishes this year. They have plenty of products on sale now, including the TDK Life on Record Trek MAX A34. The 11.8×5.2×5.1″ speaker features two full-range drivers in front plus a subwoofer for maximum audio pleasure. Using TDK’s patented Signature Sound technology, the MAX A34 delivers excellent sound that’s free of distortion and artificial tuning. It’s wrapped in a weather-proofed case which means it would be the perfect companion near the pool, on the beach or anywhere fun that’s also outdoors. Connectivity is via Bluetooth, which means pretty much anything you may have in your pocket right now can be connected to the TDK MAX A34. Of course, the keychain doesn’t count, unless it plays music wirelessly of course. The onboard battery gives about 8 hours of playtime, which is plenty enough for anything strenuous you may have planned. But the coolest thing about this is the incredible discount being offered right now. $150.

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