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We know them by name – Don Vito, Sonny, Michael and the rest of the Corleone family that we feel like we’re part of it. No, pinky-swearing won’t bring you any closer to the ‘family.’ Actually cutting that pinky and giving it as a pledge of your honor, then you could be considered. The Godfather has been in our consciousness that it’s practically a religion. There might be a moment or two that we would like to revisit over and over again, through the eyes of the director himself, so The Coppola Restoration should definitely be on your mantle. Delve inside the dark and dangerous world of mobster life, in the safety of your living room, as discussed in this compilation. There’ll never be another movie with the same subject that will be this good, so might as well see it again but this time, in crisp Blu-ray. $25.

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