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Right off the bat, we’d like to point out that The PowerPot isn’t some magical herb that will give you incredible wisdom and extraordinary power when you partake in it. It is, however, a thermoelectric generator that will charge you modern devices when you’re out and about in the outdoors. You know when you charge you gadgets, parts of it get hot? This isn’t exactly a reversal of that phenomenon, but close to it. The PowerPot uses the ‘Seebeck Effect’ to convert heat energy into electric energy. The developers are offering two products, including the PowerPot V that delivers 5 watts of power whatever the weather conditions may be. Just prepare your fire, put water in the pot and you’ll get 5V of potential energy to charge your smartphone, GPS or your li-ion batteries. Don’t worry about the charging wire either, as it’s protected from the heat. The voltage regulators are extra tough as well, to cope up with searing temperatures in the campfire. Going along with the PowerPot V is the portable Lithium 4400 battery pack for extra juice while on the go. It has a built-in lantern and will charge your gadgets quicker, in case you can’t make a fire to save your life. Both are available now at The PowerPot website. $60+.

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