Top 12 Scandinavian Girls

Scandinavian girls are a real treat. For the most part Scandinavian girls are the majority of men’s dream girls. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big breasts. Of course, there are pretty brunette Scandinavian girls as well and we have made sure to feature them here, but the majority of them fit the profile described previously. We know by this point in the article you are probably wanting to get to the good stuff, the pictures, so get crackin’! There are so many hot girls from that region that this list could number in the millions, but here is our short list of 12 of the hottest girls of Scandinavian/Nordic origin. See the Top 12!

Ida Ljungqvist: Swedish & Tanzanian – Making History

Ida makes our list even though she’s half Scandinavian descent she is still entirely hot.

Andrea Myrander: All The Basic Elements

If Andrea would only drop that pesky towel, we would feature her everywhere, everyday.

Elita Loftblad: Another Swedish Blonde

For fulfilling millions of men’s voyeur pleasure by appearing on Big Brother.

Ase Wang: Swedish + Chinese = Wow!

Ase Wang is the perfect blend of East & West.

Elin Grindemyr: Sexy Swedish Vixen

Because we could look into those eyes all day long.

Kate Amundsen: Norwegian Classy Hottie

For her tall, gorgeous, stunning figure.

Malin Akerman: A True Heartbreaker

We like Malin Akerman, because she bared it all in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Victoria Silvstedt: Hot Maxim Shoot

Victoria Silvstedt, because she is still hot after winning Playmate of the Year in 1997.

Anna Falchi: Nice Girls Finnish Last

Half-Italian, Half Finnish (still Nordic). The tallest girl on our list with exquisite 5’10” body.

Athena Lundberg
Athena Lundberg

Athena Lundberg: Not Afraid of Anything.

For being a hot and adventurous Playmate of Scandinavian descent.

*Natacha Peyre retired from modeling.

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2 Comments to “Top 12 Scandinavian Girls”

  1. 11-12-2011 at 12:38 pm

    Fail!! Finland is not apart of Scandinavia, there is no danish girls, there is an american in there and only 1 norwegian. Where is Triana Iglesias? Useless list…

  2. 12-21-2011 at 4:51 pm

    i totally love this photo. these girls are adorable and precious jewel of my heart and very sexy and delightful wonderful peoples.

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