Top Back to School Items

Top Back to School Items

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but school’s back. Education is important and we really can’t stress that enough. While we can’t share with your exact same sentiments, let us help ease the burden a little bit with the following back to school items that might soften the blow known as the first day.

For the tall students:

  • Top Back to School ItemsArgoz X-Large Socks - $12+.
  • To help you pass the time while waiting for the next class:

  • Top Back to School ItemsOutdoor Tech Privates - $100.
  • To get you to class in total style:

  • Top Back to School ItemsOnitsuka Tiger California 78 - $133.
  • Levi’s 511 Slim Fit - $28.
  • Swatch Scuba Libre Cuttlefish - $90.
  • Top Back to School ItemsShwood Eugene - $175.
  • For carrying all your stuff:

  • Top Back to School ItemsOGIO Gambit - $100.
  • For the eco-friendly types:

  • Top Back to School ItemsTrek Allant City Bike - $550+.
  • But don’t leave home without this:

  • Top Back to School ItemsRepair Rebel Multitool - $25.

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