Top Olympic Items

Top Olympic Items
We have no idea just exactly how many medals have been handed out in the history of the modern Olympics. What we do know is that for every gold, silver or bronze medal, we can give 3,000 posts for each recipient. That’s because this is the 9,000th post for Plunder Guide! Remaining in the Olympic spirit, here are some items to make you stronger, run faster and feel higher (without enhancements, of course).

  • Top Olympic ItemsAdidas USA Graphic Tee - $22.
  • Nike+ Sportwatch GPS - $170.
  • Reebok Pump Omni Lite HLS - $150.
  • Top Olympic ItemsUnder Armour Overtime - $83.
  • SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop - $30.
  • Top Olympic ItemsVictorinox Swiss Army Classic Chrono - $395.
  • Zeo Sleep Manager Pro - $100.
  • Jordan Super.Fly - $140.
  • Oakley Stephen Murray Fuel Cell - $130.

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