Valentine’s Items for Guys

To the ladies looking for V-day ideas, we’ll let you in on a little secret: Restaurants, hotels and similar establishments rip you off during St. Valentine’s Day. The lines, the headache and the trouble isn’t worth it, but you can still show your love for your beau in more ways than one. You can go the hopeless romantic way and get this guitar:

  • Fender Strat 60th Anniversary - $202+.
  • In case you forgot a pick, because electric guitars sound better with that, you can whip out that credit card, rid yourself of the worries, and make your own plectrum with this:

    Valentines Items for Guys

  • Pick Punch - $25.
  • Of course, you’d wanna capture the moment. You can go the ultra-pro mode with either this:

  • Nikon D800/D800E - $3,000+.
  • Or with something smaller:

    Valentines Items for Guys

  • Sony Cybershot TX200V - $500.
  • After a little chit-chat, you can grab a cup of coffee, not in Starbucks or anywhere like that, because you can make your own brew with this:

  • Desktop Coffee Maker - $34.
  • While you listen to some sweet tunes through the:

  • TDK Boombox - $500.
  • Because keeping her well-fed is important, you can show off your culinary skills using the:

  • Slat Grill - $110.
  • Then you can cap the night with some healthy beverage, courtesy of the:

  • Breville Juice Extractor - $300.
  • So you see, you can go the traditional, flowers/chocolates/fancy restaurant way, or you could go completely original and follow our advice. It’s your call.

    Guys out there, feel free to use this article to drop hints!

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