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Transcend JetDrive Lite

Got a spare SD card slot in your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, sitting unused and gathering dust? Of course you do, because who uses those anyway? Alright, you actually use those when transferring photos from your digital camera to your computer. But for the other 99% of the time, it sits there waiting. Why not make the most out of the drive by attaching a Transcend JetDrive Lite to it. Simply put, it’s an expansion drive for your MacBook that adds a whole load of hard disk space. You can choose between 64GB and 128GB models. To put it in perspective, one MacBook Air model has a 128GB built-in drive - so if you get the bigger model, you effectively double its storage space. Like a ninja, the JetDrive Lite sits inconspicuously on the side of your MacBook. When you need the slot, just pull out the JetDrive Lite and attach your SD card as you normally would. Even better is the fact that the drive is life proof, with chip-on-board technology meaning its resistant to water, dust and shock. $40+.

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