TranStar Racing Dagger GT

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Aiming straight to the hearts of the Bugatti Veyron and Saleen S7 is this latest supercar from TranStar Racing. Both the Veyron and the S7 held on to the world land speed record for a production car and it could soon belong to this new player. The Dagger GT is a menacing car that could deliver up to 2000 horsepower on a racing fuel mixture. It can still deliver 1300 horses on regular pump gas and that’s more than enough to smack the Veyron out of the water. The calculated clocked time on the quarter mile is only 6.6 seconds while the 0-60mph time is just 1.5 seconds. Nelson Racing provides the aluminum bi-turbo 572 engine transferring power to the Mendeola Transaxle. Only five samples of this wheeled awesomeness will be built. $450,000.

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