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Remember Steve Carrell’s gaming chair in ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’? Yes, that’s the ultimate bachelor’s pad must-have right? From the same company that made that chair comes something better – the Ultimate Game Chair. Connect the audio cables from your gaming console to the chair and feel the game, literally. Vibration motors react to the game play so every explosion or gunfire translates into a mechanical input. The chair also has a headrest, beverage and remote control holder and it will also give you a nice, soothing massage after a long gaming day. Yes, you want one now and if money’s no issue, I think you’d want seconds for the Ultimate Gaming Chair. $500.

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One Comment to “Ultimate Game Chair V3”

  1. 07-20-2010 at 5:30 pm

    Heck yeah! I have the Ultimate Game Chair v3 and the vibration motors are the best part. My favorite game is CoD MW2 and I can feel the recoil of my machine gun, and the MAC 10 is a light vibration. So, it really feels like I am in the game. Plus, I can hear enemies with the left & right speakers right at head level. I play with the backrest upright and my feet up and can play for hours. Playing in the v3 is my favorite part of the day!

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