Ultrasone AG Edition 10 Headphones

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Ultrasone AG astounded us with their line of luxurious limited edition headphones like the Edition 8 Paladium and the elegant Edition 9 Headphones. Now another piece will be launched, and this one has an open back attribute. The Ultrasone AG Edition 10 Headphones features an Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, titanium plated drivers, Kevlar coated cables and a Zebrano wood ear cup inlays. It’s only limited to 200 pieces. In terms of performance, the Edition 10 boasts a powerful 3D sound pressure level, thanks to the added 10% more magnets and S-Logic Plus technology. To sum it all the Ultrasone AG Edition 10 Headphones offers the utmost comfort and sound experience you can ever imagine. $2,749.

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