Urban Quiver Camera Bag

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Shoot pixels (or if you’re still hardcore, film) with your modern-day weapons inside this modern-day quiver. But instead of holding poison-dart arrows, the Urban Quiver Camera Bag holds your cameras, lenses and other essentials for your photographic needs. The elongated bag isn’t shaped like a backpack or fanny pack. Inside are three dividers for holding your gear securely. Because the back cannot be opened while you’re wearing it (the flaps are to your back), thieves may have to resort to other means rather than to pick your bag while you’re unaware. And since it doesn’t look like a camera bag, nor does it scream ‘Expensive Nikon or Canon Inside’, you won’t get unwanted attention from crooks either. Not unless you start waving around that brand-new camera body with a 2.8 lens. $125.

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