Ursula Mayes

We all must admit that the suitcase models on Deal Or No Deal are all sizzlin’ and with that said this is one of Plunder Guide’s favorite hotties from the show, Ursula Mayes. She was born on August 9, 1979 on a military base in Seoul Korea to a Korean mother and German/Native American father giving her her unique exotic look. She did a fold for Maxim Magazine, appeared in OC Health, Muscle & Fitness and more as well as a lovely model for NBC’s television show Deal Or No Deal as case #5 which has become #1 game show in the world. Ursula is currently pursuing an acting career as well as modeling. I think the choice is pretty easy when it comes to whether to take the cash or the real gem ;). Check out some more photos of this cutie as well as her website for more info and merchandise.

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