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Another reminder that you should use protection all the time is this nifty device. No, it doesn’t dispense prophylactic through the USB or any other port in your computer when things get hot and heavy with your significant other. What the USB Condoms are all about is protection for your smartphones against infection from public holes (I think that more than satisfies the sexual innuendos that this post is entitled to). The idea for the USB Condoms is that it prevents data from being sent to and from your iPhone or Android device whenever you feel the need to top up the batteries using free public charging stations. While you may be too aware that USB ports supply the necessary voltage to charge your device, there are two extra pins in there for data, and that’s the part the USB Condoms intend to block. The developers,, haven’t revealed the actual product, just the schematics for the device, but that didn’t pretend people from buying the USB Condoms. They’re currently sold out but we encourage you to wait and see for further announcements from the company. In the mean time, you can practice abstinence from plugging in public (sorry, can’t help it!) until you get protection. $TBA.

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