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Visit any camera store and you’ll find out that there is no shortage of camera bags available. For all shapes, sizes and requirements, it seems like manufacturers have you covered. But not in every aspect. While the choices are varied, the colors available are trimmed down to black, gray, or a combination of both. Enter the VENQUE Smart DSLR Pro Bag. As you can clearly see, these camera bags are built with style heavily emphasized. VENQUE has been a successful crowdsourced project and their latest offerings are simply spectacular. The choices include the CamPro, a backpack-style camera bag that features three ways of carriage. When you’re on an assignment that requires you to bring all the artillery, the VENQUE CamPro lets you carry two camera bodies, six lenses, some speedlights, all the cables and important trinkets you’ll need and even an iPad. Say you’re going on vacation or a location shoot and need fewer gear to lug around, the bag can be half-loaded with a camera body, a couple of lenses and some personal effects. And when you’re not shooting altogether, the VENQUE CamPro can even be turned into an ordinary, day-to-day bag. The neat thing about this particular camera bag is that it’s not advertising itself as a camera bag. Thieves have gotten smarter and targeted well-known bag brands, knowing that there’s valuable gear inside of it. With the VENQUE, the game’s totally different, unless of course you carry a tripod along. Then again, you can just use that as a weapon. The company even guarantees 10 years of quality usage for the bags, which is roughly two new lifetimes in terms of digital camera history. You could have changed body models twice or even three times, and the VENQUE CamPro would still happily carry your gear along. The project is an overwhelming success so stay tuned for the next availability of this camera bag. ~$138.

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