Victory Vision: 10th Anniversary Touring Bike

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Face the facts, you’d rather be riding a bike than a car when traveling on an open road. The incomparable feeling of the wind rushing over your face, the unobstructed views, and the sensation of flight is only available on a motorcycle like this one. Victory bikes marks their first decade in the bike-building business with the Vision. It’s a touring bike that has all the bells and whistles to suit your traveling needs. Powered by a 92 horsepower V-twin motor, the bike has enough power for quick accelerations. Don’t be afraid to back-up this bike either, it has a reverse gear so you won’t need to push it whenever you get caught in tight spaces. Other features include a satnav, XM radio, 2-way communications for the driver and passenger, and enough chrome for a gleaming finish. Only 100 of these commemorative bikes will be made and each one will be built according to your liking. $29,000.

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