Viviana Ossa

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Viviana Ossa

She may be new to our shores but she’s dressed properly and she looks absolutely gorgeous. This means she deserves all of our warmest welcomes. Viviana Ossa is obviously a swimwear model. What’s not clear though is the rest of her story. She has a very familiar last name, and we’re all too aware of the beauty of Carla Ossa. However, we don’t know if she’s related to Viviana Ossa here. Their last name isn’t entirely unusual so there could be a chance that the two girls aren’t related by blood. Even if they’re not related, that wouldn’t stop us from admiring both Carla and Viviana. But our focus would be on the latter right now and her campaign for Sandoratto Swimwear.

Viviana Ossa
Viviana Ossa

Viviana Ossa

Viviana Ossa

Viviana Ossa

Viviana Ossa

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