Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt Autographed

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Extreme launched into the stratosphere in the early 90’s with their acoustic ballad ‘More than Words’ but the band isn’t all about that. They’re co-led by Nuno Bettencourt, lead guitarist and master shredder for the band. His fast arpeggios and crazy melodies are translated by his trusty Washburn N4 electric guitar. You can get your hands on an autographed copy of the guitar with this fantastic offer from eBay. It was given by Nuno himself at Fenway Park, to support the seller and pay for his medical bills. The guitar has never been used and will come with its original strings, hard case and a certificate of authenticity from Nuno’s management. Bidding ends on September 1, 2013 and the minimum hasn’t been met yet. $1,500+.

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