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NAS or network-attached storage devices sound cool and all as far as keeping your data protected is concerned. But it’s not for everyone. Most people wouldn’t even know what NAS means; they may think it’s that government agency tasked to monitor all your porn searches (it’s the NSA, by the way. Hi guys!). Looking to simplify that conundrum is Western Digital with the WD My Cloud. Basically, it looks like your typical external hard drive, complete with the ultra clean lines and subtle colors. Hidden within it is a clever software that turns it into your own personal cloud server. No complications or any convoluted programs to confuse you with, just a simple interface to let you back up your data on an always-connected site. Access your data and files through a mobile app for that bona fide cloud experience, or share that same content through different gadgets within your home. My Cloud is also integrated with existing cloud servers like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive, letting you grab or share content from different locations onto your personal server. Unlike a true NAS, the My Cloud cannot be configured in RAID array but Western Digital promises that that feature will come in the future. Available in 2, 3 or 4TB capacities for Windows or Mac. $150+.

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