Wenger Solar Chargers

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Not only do Wenger make excellent multi-purpose Swiss Army knives, they care about the environment too. And your social life as well, because they are now making solar chargers. Who knows when you’ll run out of juice in the middle of a tweet or Facebook status update while you’re out camping. For those situations, you can power up using these portable photovoltaic cells. Available in two, four or six panels, the Wenger chargers range from 2.25 to 6.75 watts. Each one has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, coupled to a USB output with five adapters for powering nearly all of the gadgets you’ve brought along. They’re water-resistant and foldable, making them the perfect outdoor companion for gadget nuts. Find out where you can get a hold of these (link opens in a new window). $180+.

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