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An ancient philosopher once said that mastery of others is awesome, but mastery of one’s self is even awesomer. Or something to that effect. With that said, it’s always advisable that you be yourself, and that’s what Solus means in Latin. Coming in from Wicked Audio, the Solus is a DJ’s dream because of its ability to switch from normal mode, to DJ mode. This means you can isolate the sound to one ear cup and that’s just what the DJ ordered. A switch lets you select the mode and the 4-foot cable keeps you close to your music source. It comes with an extension cable as well, for those moments when you get carried away with the tunes that you’re spinning. They’re braided too, to prevent tangling because headphone cords tend to do that. The Solus can cover the entire human hearing range, at 20-20,000Hz thanks to its 40mm drivers with a 105 decibel sensitivity. $46.

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