Windmill Stormproof Lighter

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Maybe you’d like to take your date to an Arctic adventure, or somewhere deep within the Himalayas (hopefully below 8,000 feet). Maybe it’s not the usual wining and dining experience but don’t worry, we won’t question your motives. When you get to the place, you’ll probably light a candle (it’s near Valentine’s after all) or a camp fire. Have no fear when you have the Windmill Classic Stormproof Lighter near. The flames on this baby can stand 70-80 mph winds and it burns at 2,000°F. The body will repel water, as long as you keep the cap closed; while the piezoelectric starter guarantees a spark, even if there’s none between you and your partner. It refills easily with butane and the fuel level monitor keeps the flame-providing in check. $45.

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