Wren V5BT Bluetooth Speakers

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Music soothes the soul, but when your sounds emanate from something equally gorgeous, then it’s all the better. Such are the benefits being offered to us by Wren Sound Systems with their newest products, including the V5BT Bluetooth Speakers. Though small in form, these speakers offer incredible sound, thanks to a couple of 3-inch long throw drivers with four layer voice coils. The thump from those are paired nicely with 19mm soft dome tweeters for crisp, high frequencies. All those speakers are driven by classic D2 50 watt DSP-controlled class D amplifiers from Intersil. The electronics are enclosed within half-inch MDF boards and finished with natural bamboo or rosewood for added class. All these can be had within the curvy shape that sets the V5BT apart from other box-like speakers. Connection is through Bluetooth, so any of your devices running on that wireless platform are okay. But if you do decide to go old school and hardwire the thing to your music player, then it’s perfectly fine since Wren was nice enough to load it with a 3.5mm auxiliary input. $400.

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