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Fat stacks of cash are fun to look at but a pain to carry around. Not only will you attract the wrong kind of attention, you’d also be branded with a boatload of unsavory nicknames. Enter the Yubi Wallet. The ‘zen-like’ approach to cash and card carrying involves a simple, streamlined and minimalist design that gives you fast access to your greenbacks and plastic alike. Founder Stephen Greenberg decided that a functional wallet need not be bulky while holding your legal tender. Three models of the Yubi Wallet will be available: Yubi-Minimal with a slim profile that lets you store the wallet even in your front pocket without the added bulk; then there’s the Yubi-Road Warrior for the business traveler who may need to carry more than one card and a little bit of cash. Finally, there’s the Yubi-Illusionist with a unique tap system that hides your hard-earned Benjamins. Just nudge the bottom of the wallet and out comes the money like magic (provided you kept some in that safe compartment of course). The Kickstarter project is looking for funding now and you can support the idea if you feel the need to trim down in the wallet department. $14+.

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