Zoi Gorman

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Zoi Gorman

Whatever your image of a civil engineer may be, just throw it away right now. Get rid of the typical hard hat-wearing, blueprint-having dude who visits construction sites day in and day out. That’s because civil engineers can be goddesses as well. Take Zoi Gorman for example. You’ll never believe that this Playboy hottie is a licensed civil engineer herself. But don’t expect her to be in any build site anytime soon. This Greek-Scottish goddess left that boring world long ago and decided to take a much exciting path. How exciting? How about showcasing her svelte body in front of the cameras. And speaking of Playboy, we’d like to thank Mr. Hugh Hefner himself for creating this wonderful empire. He’s celebrating his 88th birthday so Happy Birthday Hef!

Zoi Gorman
Zoi Gorman

Zoi Gorman

Zoi Gorman

Zoi Gorman

Zoi Gorman

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